Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition and Disclaimer statement carefully it would help you to inform the further steps about sharing your personal details with us.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy :

MMC Garage is a one-stop solution provider for all your car repair and maintenance requirements. We are a renowned organization serving our customers from a long time and have a great goodwill in the industry. Therefore, any customer who is will to acquire our services should agree to the terms and conditions on our website. All our services are in accordance with the terms and conditions on our website and in case of any discrepancy we cannot be held accused.

Therefore, we highly recommend that every customer should go through the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, and disclaimer mentioned on our website very carefully. Reading all these conditions beforehand solicits a strong relation between the customers and Service Providers.

Terms and Conditions :

The use of the website of MMC Garage is entitled to the following terms and conditions. Once you visit our website and access it to search for any services related to car repair and maintenances and other allied services, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. We remain fair in our business policies, and therefore, expect the customers to stay fair when paying their dues or addressing any grievance through us.

Personal Detail Protection :

We abide by the policies of government of India related to protection of personal data of the customers. Therefore, we pledge to protect the personal record of our customers in conjunction with our privacy policies. So, you will never face breach of your personal information on accessing our website.

Here at MMC Garage if you raise any query on our website or mobile application then we or affiliates or our clients consult with you accordingly. We only deal with those who raise the query on our official web portal or mobile application otherwise we’re not unable to contact them from our end.

Law of Indemnification :

We pledge to follow the rule of law of indemnification and once you visit or website you indemnify us and keeps us indemnified and our employees against any claims, or penalties arising out of the use of this website.

Acknowledgement :

By visiting and accessing our website, you acknowledge that we have no liability in relation to you in terms of any dispute. In case any dispute arises between you and us in terms of prices, the decision of the management should be held final. In case of any discrepancy, you are free to ask for explanation from us, but our decision must be held final and no one can raise objection on it.

Disclaimer :

The information, services, and products, accessed through this website own is owned and operated by MMC Garage. The representative of the company is liable to make any changes to the data and can make additional changes to the website wherever required. Our company’s representative disclaims any information and a service provided on our website and is subject to the law of infringement.

OTP Verification :

Whenever you download MMC Garage Application as a user, you are agreed to go through automatic verification process on your mobile. This process provides you easy verification and navigation experience.

Personal Information :

If you approach MMC Garage, we pledge to secure your personal information. It includes all the information that directly correlates to a particular individual or else can be linked with the identity of any individual, such as name, mobile number, email-Id and other credentials such as credit card number, debit card number, the name of the person for whom credit or debit card is issued. This personal information will be kept secured by us and will not be transferred to any person or entity. If you are browsing our website, you permit us to collect information regarding Internet protocol, address of computer and internet service provider you are using.

Cookies :

A cookie is a packet of information that the computer receives and stored by the web browser that is accessible to the browser. We at MMC Garage use cookies and tracking technologies to help our customers know our new offers. But we firmly assure our customers that no personal information is leaked or collected via using tracking technology or cookies. So, your information is always secure with us.

Security :

We are determined to preserve the security of our customers and therefore, always adhere to the guidelines of the government of India for keeping the information collected from the users confidential. We are against the misuse and alteration of personal information of the user and, therefore we take stringent measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and any alteration of the personal information. With us, your every bit of information is secured and cannot be altered.

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