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MMC Garage - A one-stop solution for all your car service needs!

When was the last time you got your car serviced? If you don’t want your car to betray you in the middle of nowhere, you better take good care of it. This reminds us of the one and only MMC Garage. It is the best platform to address all your driving machine (car) repair and maintenance needs. After establishing a firm foothold in the Delhi-NCR, we at MMC Garage have been striving to leave an indelible mark in Bangalore with our unparalleled and comprehensive services, such as cleaning, spa, denting-painting, periodic services, detailing services, etc., helping your car look new and perform efficiently. We relieve you from the burden of spending hours and hours on search engines to find an ideal garage for your beloved and valuable four-wheeler. With us, you can book superlative car repairing solutions with the most dependable on-demand customer service that is accessible anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips. We boast an excellent team of highly skilled and well-qualified individuals who are committed to providing unmatched services at surprisingly affordable prices. We take immense care of your vehicle and ensure that it exits the workshop with meticulously performed services. Call us today! We take pride in your car as much as you do.

  • Expert Engineers

    Hire the best and certified engineers

  • Modern Workshop

    Modern workshop having the right infrastructure

  • Cost Effective

    Get the best car services with affordable charges

  • Creative Thinking

    Accurate dashboard tracker for service status

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Free Pickup and Drop

Free Pickup and Drop

Select the pickup/drop at your convenient date, time and location that works best for you

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Hiring skilled car mechanics is easy with MMC Garage

Car is Serviced
Get Timely Updates

Get Timely Updates

Track car service process with timely automated updates

Ease of Payment

Pay by card/cash according to your car service requirements

Ease of Payment
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Download the MMC Garage app through Google Play Store direct or fetch the link through SMS and connect with verified mechanics to take care of car repairing and service’s needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Just give us a call and tell us your problems over the phone or fill our online form. We will connect you with one of our garages, specialist in dealing with your problems.

Our garages are known to offer superior quality services and they assist vehicles of all brands and models. Our mechanics will make sure that the work done is according to the requirements you have provided them with.

The charges depend on the services that you require for your car. For instance, car cleaning costs will be very different from major denting painting work. 

Yes, most of our garages offer pick and drop services. Some of them will provide doorstep assistance too.

They serve on a first come first serve basis. They will never delay any work on your car for any reason and your car will be delivered to you in the time frame provided to you.

You need to agree to the charges for the services you need and you need to deposit your car to the mechanics, whether at your doorstep or at the garage.

What Our Customers Say About Us

My car’s service was due for a long time, and then one day I googled automotive repair services and eventually came across MMC Garage. I am glad that I chose them. They have done a great job. I must recommend them to others.

My car’s engine got seized while driving one day, and while searching for help, I came across the truly awesome MMC Garage app. For me, it was a lifesaver. The team arrived on the spot, picked up my car from there, and delivered it to me right away at my office after service and repair. They have done an excellent job, and the best part is that the services are at the most cost-effective prices.

Looking for the Best Car Repair Services in Bangalore, you are at the right place

Bangalore is known for its software exports and which has increased the size of the affluent population multifold. This has meant that there are numerous vehicle owners and a number of them look for Best Car Repair Services in Bangalore, when their car faces any problem. They are looking for the best because they are expecting perfect services. These service providers come in all forms with some serving vehicles of one brand while others assist with all brands and their models. Their mechanics are trained experts who have worked for a number of clients and solved their problems to their complete satisfaction.

All car services in Bangalore that you can imagine are on offer

Most car manufacturers recommend that you get your vehicle serviced periodically, i.e. once every year to start with and they recommend more frequent trips to the garage for services as the vehicle gets older. Some of you may take your vehicle for car periodic services in Bangalore when you feel that it’s not working as smoothly as possible. However periodic services for your car are recommended so that it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most. It reduces the chances of car breakdown and will minimize the requirements for repair and replacement in the future. The manufacturers recommend authorized garages for this, though you can go to any garage of your choice.

There are highly talented mechanics eager to assist you with your car

There are so many garages in the city that you will be spoilt for choice. If you are looking for the best car mechanic in Bangalore, you will have great difficulty in this, as there are so many experts around. Some of them specialize in one part of the cars while others are masters of the entire vehicle. Each garage has highly skilled mechanics who serve to the best of their abilities, keeping your requirements in mind. They are experienced and highly skilled, who know everything inside out. They work with great efficiency and they will be able to tell the problem with your vehicle, just by taking a look at it or through the sound of its engine.

We will make your search for car repair shop Bangalore easy

If you are facing a problem with your vehicle, you must immediately take your car to a garage. The car workshop in Bangalore that you will go to may be your own choice or you may have followed recommendations of your friends or the manufacturer. These professionals will ask you about the part at fault and if you don’t know, then they will find it out. They will check it to see why there is a problem and if it can be repaired. They will repair, if possible, else they will suggest the only option left, replacement. They usually have everything in stock and they all use OEM parts. In case they don’t have the part with them, they will order them through their trusted network of suppliers. 

Your car will be repaired at place of your choice

Most garages offer the pick and drop facility to make it all convenient for their customers. A number of them are offering doorstep car repair in Bangalore, which means that they will do all the repair work in the parking space of your premises. As you can imagine, this will be possible for small repair work as for major repairs the car will have to be taken to the garage. You can always ask these service providers if doorstep services are available for the problems you are facing. If they answer in affirmative, they will come with their tools and everything else to complete the repair work.

You will be served with latest tools and methods

There are a number of services on offer for cars in the city, including car cleaning, car detailing, car denting painting, services for each part among others. Every car service centre in Bangalore tries to offer as many services as they can so a greater number of car owners come to them for services on their cars. They have everything that you can imagine in a garage in developed countries. Once you go there you will be assigned a contact person, who will keep you updated with the progress of the services in your car. They will always tell you the charges for their services before they start any services on your vehicle. 

The costs of services on your car will impress you 

If given a choice you will prefer to get estimates from a number of garages, for the services you need before you select one. However, this is rarely the case, as it will be difficult traveling from one garage to another with a problematic car. Most garages will give you competitive car service cost in Bangalore and they will let you know of additional services, if required and the charges for them. 

If you are looking for the Best Car Repair Services, we at MMC Garage are the right choice for you. Just call us at +91-8800538189, WhatsApp at the same number or fill our online form and we will connect you with a specialist garage and certified experts in the city. We will find the one that meets your requirements and is the closest to you. We will make sure that the work done is up to your satisfaction.

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