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Do you think? Your car’s next service will be an experienced technician while short listing them from a wide range of car services maintenance packages that fits according to you requirements.

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3M Services Brand / Model / Fuel Type


3M Anti Rust Underbody Coating

3 months

Work Time 24 Hours

  • 3M protective anticorrosion treatment
  • 3M underbody teflon coating
  • Insulation rust protection
  • Monsoon special

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3M Car Rubbing Polishing

1 month

Work Time 6 Hours

  • 3M wax polishing
  • Machine rubbing
  • Pressure washing
  • Rubbing with 3M Compound
  • Tyre dressing alloy polishing

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3M Ceramic Coating

1 Year

Work Time 3 Days

  • 3M 9H nano coating
  • 3 layers of coating
  • Complete paint correction
  • Ultra shine polishing

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Coatings Brand / Model / Fuel Type

MMC GARAGE : 24 Hour Car Breakdown Service Near You There are many reasons why people need to get car repair in an emergency. The most common reason is a flat tire. People should know that there are some other reasons that can cause a flat tire and there are many situations that require a car repair in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MMC Garage connects you with a variety of car cleaning and detailing service providers. You can appoint them as per your requirement.

You can search on our MMC Garage web portal. It will help you choose your required service near your location.

We build ourselves with the trust of our clients. We connect you with only verified professionals in this industry.

Yes, we at MMC Garage connect you with only verified service providers.

MMC Garage is a very easy-to-use web portal. You can just simply visit the website and look for the services you want.

Yes, you can customize the location according to your convenience.

Charges depend on the packages you have opted for as there is no fixed charge. For more details connect directly with the service provider.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Quality and professional services. The prices are affordable and quality of work done on my car is simply unmatched. The professionals at MMC Garage are highly skilled and go extra mile to provide best services beyond your expectations. Definitely worth recommending.

First time used the car engine replacement services of MMC Garage and I has a very hassle-free experience. The mechanics were experienced and did an excellent work. I did not find even a single fault in their work. Will certainly use their services again!

Great experience. I got the regular updates about my entire car repairing and maintenance process. The windshield replacement work was done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you again.

Where to find car detailing services in Gurgaon to make it shine?

Well, car cleaning is a frequent process. We have to take care of our cars like humans. It demands expert mechanics to look after. We at MMC Garage are the one-stop solution for your car cleaning requirements with modern workshops.

We connect you to the best companies of car detailing services in Gurgaon or near your location. You can personalize your needs accordingly with the most affordable prices. We reformulate the way people took care of their cars.

How to choose the best car Detailing services near me?

Firstly, while selecting your go-to option for car detailing make sure that the service providers are highly professional and fully trained. We at MMC Garage let you connect with service providers that are trusted by a large number of people. We are an experienced, yet trusted brand for the best car detailing services in Gurgaon with the best workshops with great infrastructure.

Suggestions to hire top-notch companies for daily car cleaning services only at MMC Garage;

MMC Garage connects you with the various service providers of car cleaning, you just need to select, appoint, and finalize the deal. They have a variety of packages to offer such as the Monsoon package, Car Spa, complete car cleaning, rat/pest repellant treatment, coating, car inspection/diagnostics, and much more.

A few suggestions to hire them are as follows;

1. Expertise knowledge of cars

When it comes to cars, hire someone who has detailed knowledge of cars and their parts. Numerous sites offer car cleaning services but not all of them are relevant. We at MMC Garage are the best in cars and other automobiles.

2. Holds year of experience

Work experience is the primary key to the best outcome. It matters a lot as it defines the skills of service providers.

3. Modern workshops

A modern workshop with modern car equipment is a boon that unknowingly benefits your car in so many ways.

4. Trusted by many customers

Look out for positive customer opinion, it defines their experience with them. It helps you choose the right company for car detailing and cleaning in Gurgaon.

5. Check customer reviews

Positive feedback from customers helps us decide to appoint them or not. On the other hand, negative reviews might harm the reputation of service providers.

6. Look out for their digital world

How much information is too much information? Every info has its own importance. In today’s modern world, everything is available online. To find and study your prime car repair services in Gurgaon, check their digital presence. Learn what they offer to their customers, policies, terms of services, and so on.

However, washing as well as detailing your car is necessary, many people ignore the fact that eventually, their car will lose its shine. It is mandatory to maintain the car for its longer durability. MMC Garage ensures their client satisfaction and in case of any query, our customer support team is available to serve you.

You can connect with us on our online web portal or on our MMC Garage application.

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