Car Service and Maintenance Packages

Do you think? Your car’s next service will be an experienced technician while short listing them from a wide range of car services maintenance packages that fits according to you requirements.

3M Services Brand / Model / Fuel Type


3M Anti Rust Underbody Coating

3 months

Work Time 24 Hours

  • 3M protective anticorrosion treatment
  • 3M underbody teflon coating
  • Insulation rust protection
  • Monsoon special

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3M Car Rubbing Polishing

1 month

Work Time 6 Hours

  • 3M wax polishing
  • Machine rubbing
  • Pressure washing
  • Rubbing with 3M Compound
  • Tyre dressing alloy polishing

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3M Ceramic Coating

1 Year

Work Time 3 Days

  • 3M 9H nano coating
  • 3 layers of coating
  • Complete paint correction
  • Ultra shine polishing

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Coatings Brand / Model / Fuel Type

MMC GARAGE : 24 Hour Car Breakdown Service Near You There are many reasons why people need to get car repair in an emergency. The most common reason is a flat tire. People should know that there are some other reasons that can cause a flat tire and there are many situations that require a car repair in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to find the best garage with excellent workmen for Car Detailing Services. Just call us and tell us all of your requirements and we will direct you in the right direction.

We are associated with most garages we list, for some time. They are still with us because they provide quality services. They are registered with us and we know that they are genuine, having gone through their commercial details.

The charges will be upwards of Rs 15,000. This will include the services of the staff of garage who will work on your car and the cost of chemicals used.

It depends on the service chosen by you from the list of services available for car detailing.

You will need to agree to the cleaning services to be performed on your vehicle. These service providers will only proceed once they have your consent. A large number of these experts offer pick and drop facilities.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Quality and professional services. The prices are affordable and quality of work done on my car is simply unmatched. The professionals at MMC Garage are highly skilled and go extra mile to provide best services beyond your expectations. Definitely worth recommending.

First time used the car engine replacement services of MMC Garage and I has a very hassle-free experience. The mechanics were experienced and did an excellent work. I did not find even a single fault in their work. Will certainly use their services again!

Great experience. I got the regular updates about my entire car repairing and maintenance process. The windshield replacement work was done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you again.

The Best Car Detailing Services in Bangalore will improve the way your car looks

Bangalore has a lot of requirements for service for cars, whether for cleaning, maintenance or repairs. The reason for this is plain and simple, the city being affluent with the number of car owners in millions. Those with deep pockets will always look for Best Car Detailing Services in Bangalore, when searching for cleaning services for their vehicle. This literally means that the exterior and interior of your car will be cleaned thoroughly. They use tools, electronic and standard cleaning equipment with the best chemicals to make your car look as good as possible. You will feel more comfortable when you drive or just enjoy a ride in the vehicle cleaned by them. 

Your car will be cleaned with the best methods

The exterior of the car is initially treated to water sprayed at great force. It is scrubbed to pull out any direct and dust. As part of the best car detailing in Bangalore, the entire surface is cleaned with a clay bar. All this will remove most of the deposits of any unwanted elements from the car exterior. As for the interiors the seats and the carpeted floor is initially vacuum cleaned followed by steam cleaning. The car AC is cleaned with the help of foam, so you get fresh and clean air from it. The dashboard is also cleaned and it can be polished too. In the end you will get your car looking sparkling new. 

The car detailing prices are standard across the garages 

Most service providers offer packages for car cleaning, each with a separate set of cleaning services. Some are for exteriors, others for interiors and most for both exteriors and interiors. The car detailing price in Bangalore is always in excess of a thousand rupees with packages charges in excess of Rs 1,500. You can always pick and choose what you require and some of the packages can be customized according to your requirements. The charges are mostly non-negotiable and you can pay through a number of payment options. These include the cost of services of all the staff members involved in the cleaning process. 

There are capable car repair services for your vehicle, ready to serve 

Almost all garages give you the option of car cleaning in a variety of degrees. When you go for car repair services in Bangalore, your car will usually be given a thorough cleaning experience. In some cases, these are part of the package while some others offer these as complementary services, just to attract more customers towards their garage. Most of these garages serve all types of brands and models, though there are some which are specific to one brand. The garage you select for your vehicle will most of the time be the one you use every time, though in case of emergencies most customers don’t mind being assisted by the nearest garage.

Ceramic coating will give shine and protection to your car paint

Coating is applied to the painted part of the car to increase the lifespan of your paint. These will guard your paint from any wear and tear. Before any coating your car exteriors need to be cleaned properly. Some of the service providers will give the services equivalent to car detailing before going for ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore. As for the coat application a small 30 ml bottle will be good enough for all of the painted surface. You may feel that you can do all this yourself, but the professionals know the difference between the right and the wrong way of doing things. The application involves a thin layer of liquid sprayed and spread over the painted area. This layer of coat is known to be water resistant, you will be able to clean your car smoothly and the looks of your vehicles will improve too. 

There are different ways to improve the looks of your car

You will need car rubbing service when you have scratches on the surface of the painted area of your car. A rubbing compound is used with a rubbing machine, which allows the surface of the car to become smooth and any marks on the car surface are evened out. Car polishing is done with wax and it gives a shine to your car. The car rubbing polish cost in Bangalore, varies from one service provider to another. It also varies according to the shape of your car, as smaller cars will require a lesser effort than large cars. 

The ppf coating can be costly to perform

Paint Protection Film (ppf) is very different from regular coating. Thin films made of special material are sliced according to the shape of the exterior parts of the car and pasted on top of these. Naturally, it will act as a protective layer for the original paint. The car ppf coating cost in Bangalore is on the higher side and the cost will depend on the parts of your car that you need to be coated with the ppf layer. While covering a part of the car can cost around Rs 15,000, coating the entire car surface will be upwards of Rs 70,000. The entire process will be completed in a few days and in most cases you will be offered a warranty period of a few years. Ppf and ceramic coating can be used together, with ceramic on top of ppf coats gaining popularity.

Use teflon coating if you are looking for reasonable options

Another type of coating becoming increasingly popular in the market due to lower charges is teflon coating. It is known for anti-rust properties and protects the car even when used in high temperatures. The teflon coating for car price in Bangalore starts at Rs. 4,000, though it’s considered to be of lower quality than ceramic coating which will cost 4 times over. The coating work is done to not only keep the original shine, but to enhance it. The coating cost will vary according to the car shape and size.

If you are looking for Car Detailing Services, we at MMC Garage can be of assistance. Just call us at 880-053-8189 and we will find the right garage with the best mechanics ready to do what you need from them.

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