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About Service Production

Infant Automobile Garage is considered to be one of the most advanced and modern service-based car garages in Bangalore. According to them, ‘those were the days when car garages were known to repair the machinery part using tools and machinery. Today, a garage needs to be a place that can rejuvenate a vehicle completely in a new form.’

With such a working statement, Infant Automobile is reflecting the same in their service model too. They have numerous such facilities from repairing to cleaning; such that one gets entire car refreshment under their roof. Peaking a look at their service then it comprises: 

  • Car Repairing 
  • Car Cleaning 
  • Periodic Services
  • Car Spa and Wash
  • Detailing Services
  • Denting and Painting 
  • Interior Detailing 

And so on… They further have a dedicated team that has a unique capability to handle vehicle repairs in emergency conditions like accidents. Even more, they are renowned in the market and are promising service providers in the Industry. This is the core reason why people prefer Infant Automobiles for their sudden and quick car services in Bangalore. 

Top Recent Customer Reviews

I found Infant Automobile Garage through MMC Garage and I do not regret booking them, in fact, I am very satisfied with their service. The way they handle everything professionally and carefully has convinced me to go to them in future again.



I need to drive my car to a function and need a quick cleanup with basic repairs. Infant Automobiles served me great satisfaction after their car detailing and cleaning services. Highly recommended to anyone in similar need.

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