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Get your car's side-view mirrors fixed for maximum visibility & safety

Posted Date : 08-07-2022

“I'm terribly sorry!” The bike rider said while fleeing, before the car owner could reprimand the biker about the broken car side mirror. Everyone on the road seems in a great hurry. Someone has to deliver a pizza in 10 minutes, while someone else is getting late for god knows what. In a nutshell, Indian roads have turned into unregulated racetracks. This has worsened the Indian traffic, which was already terrible, and has raised the accident rate. Given that, one of the most vulnerable victims of poor or careless driving is a car's side-view mirror.

Where can I get my broken car side view mirror fixed? 

The side-view mirrors are prone to damage. Sometimes individuals are shocked to see their car's side mirror broken even if the car is parked in the safest of places. Many four-wheeler owners reading this blog post must be familiar with this unfortunate situation. Isn’t it?

The Value of a Car Side View Mirror

Side view mirrors, also referred to as wing mirrors, are mirrors that are placed on the exterior of a four-wheeler. These mirrors not only enhance the appearance of a car by adding style to it but also play a crucial role when it comes to driving, making it safe and easy for drivers. These mirrors provide an extra eye set for drivers, helping them to see things happening around their four-wheeler, or in simple words, keeping track of every move of the vehicle. Things that are out of one’s peripheral vision can be accessed through the side mirrors so that they don’t accidentally hit another vehicle on the road or get hit. Wing mirrors are extremely important for your safety and the safety of other drivers. If you are a car owner, then you must understand its value. 

There are several situations due to which side-view mirrors end up damaged, including

  1. Reversing into or out of a constrained parking space
  2. Accidents, particularly T-bone collisions
  3. Leaving your four-wheeler in a high-risk area
  4. Pulling into parking spaces too quickly
  5. Parking four-wheeler while being careless
  6. Washing wing mirrors roughly and so on. 

Automotive wing mirrors act as a vehicle visibility system and are an essential part of it. So, no matter what the reason, if your car’s side-view mirror ends up damaged, you must get it repaired immediately. If these are left unattended, it might cause immediate complications with your regular driving routines.

Some drivers opt for the DIY route for side mirror repair, while others actually don’t know how to deal with it. However, we advise you not to waste your time reading tips and methods of fixing your broken wing mirror or watching videos of the same, as replacing wing mirrors is not an average DIY project. So, don’t risk it!

The best thing that you can do here is to try to understand the issue. So first, understand the various parts of the small-sized mirror. 

A wing mirror consists of four essential parts: 

  •  Side mirror assembly - the base 
  • Mirror glass
  • Mirror cover, 
  • Turn signal (if equipped) 

These parts might be available as a complete unit in four-wheelers. But in certain instances, the cover may be sold pre-painted, or it may come in black and require painting separately. The type and size of the wing mirror will solely depend on the make and model of your four-wheeler. The quickest way to get your car mirror repaired is by visiting your car dealer. Although it can be expensive

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Concluding Note 

Dear reader, thank you for sparing your valuable minutes to read this information. Safe driving is important for car owners to keep themselves as well as other passengers, drivers, motorists, and pedestrians out of danger. So, don’t avoid your car's side mirror damage, as broken wing mirrors can never be reliable. Get it repaired or replaced ASAP

Safe & Happy Driving!


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