Car Service and Maintenance Packages

Do you think? Your car’s next service will be an experienced technician while short listing them from a wide range of car services maintenance packages that fits according to you requirements.

Accidental Repairs Brand / Model / Fuel Type

Doorstep Accidental Inspection

Doorstep Accidental Inspection

Work Time 4 Hours

  • 25 points checklist
  • Body damage inspection
  • Insurance claim guidance
  • Policy inspection

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Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim

Work Time

  • 2 years warranty on paint jobs
  • Body damage inspection
  • Cashless facility
  • Claim intimation
  • Coordination with insurance company

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Work Time

  • Available at doorstep
  • Cashless facility
  • Claim intimation
  • Coordination with insurance company
  • Free towing

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Know Your Policy Brand / Model / Fuel Type

Know Your Policy

Know Your Policy

Work Time 2 Hours

  • Call within 2 hours
  • Complete information about your policy
  • Connect with insurance agent
  • Expenditure assessment
  • Regarding doubts with claim intimation

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MMC GARAGE : 24 Hour Car Breakdown Service Near You There are many reasons why people need to get car repair in an emergency. The most common reason is a flat tire. People should know that there are some other reasons that can cause a flat tire and there are many situations that require a car repair in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle has been part of any accident, you will be looking for quick services. Just call us, MMC Garage, and we will connect you with a verified garage that will serve according to your requirements.

Most of the garages we list have been associated with us for some time and they are still with us due to the delivery of regular quality services. They are all registered with us and they are genuine. We can tell you this, because we have verified their commercial data.

The charges will depend on the severity of the accident and the damages to your vehicle. Repairing minor scratches will cost much less than a major denting painting job.

We will arrange for a mechanic or a towing vehicle, as the case may be, quickly

You just need to tell them your location and agree to deposit your car with them. You need to agree to the charges for the services they will perform on your vehicle. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Quality and professional services. The prices are affordable and quality of work done on my car is simply unmatched. The professionals at MMC Garage are highly skilled and go extra mile to provide best services beyond your expectations. Definitely worth recommending.

First time used the car engine replacement services of MMC Garage and I has a very hassle-free experience. The mechanics were experienced and did an excellent work. I did not find even a single fault in their work. Will certainly use their services again!

Great experience. I got the regular updates about my entire car repairing and maintenance process. The windshield replacement work was done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend them. Thank you again.

Hire Best Providers of Accidental Car Repair in Gurgaon to Keep Your Vehicle in Perfect Condition

Car accidents are something unavoidable in most cases, you don’t want them but there is nothing you can do about them. If you get hit by another car, it’s not your fault and if the car goes out of control and you hit something, you certainly cannot be blamed. All you can do is maintain your car well by regular periodic services, to make sure that there are no problems with your vehicle. You will have to hire Accidental Car Repair in Gurgaon when you are part of such unfortunate circumstances. All major garages provide these services and they all have their towing vehicles or they are associated with towing contractors to bring your damaged car to their garage, if required. 

You should choose the service provider cautiously 

The damage your vehicle will suffer will depend on the accident you have been part of. The accidental car repair will assist with minor scratches and major dent repair. These professional mechanics will take a look at all parts of your vehicle to ascertain the level of damages. They will tell you the total charges with the time to repair and most of them claim that they always charge reasonable amounts. In most cases it will be difficult to get a second opinion, as you will not be driving around with your damaged vehicles! Hence you must choose the garage to serve you carefully.   

Why would you need car accident damage repair near me? 

Most of you will have your regular garage that you take your vehicle for servicing and repairs. In case of accidents, you may be far away from them, you can even be in a different city, in which case you should hire a car accident repair near me. Most of these service providers offer pick and drop facilities for all kinds of work at their garages, but these services are offered within a certain area. You will have the option of all of the services performed by them or you can ask them to bring your car in working condition and get the rest done by the garage of your choice.

You can select accident car repair centre in Gurgaon according to their charges

If you have been part of any accident, you will be in shock for a few minutes. If you are feeling well, you will be getting the insurance details of the vehicle that hit you. The accident car repair cost in Gurgaon can either be paid for by insurance or you can pay out of your pocket. Having a car insurance policy is mandatory in the country but you can pick and choose the insurance services. If something is not covered in the policy, you may have to pay yourself. The cost of repairs will depend on the damage to your car.

You will consider car breakdown service near me Gurgaon in emergencies

There are a number of reasons why your car may break down. Car breakdowns are common in the rainy seasons and these happen due to battery failure. The car breakdown service in Gurgaon will be able to help you jump start your car, though then you must take your vehicle to the garage for a health checkup, i.e. the mechanics will see if the battery is fine or the problems can recur. If there is any other problem then your vehicle will have to be towed to the garage and the reasons behind the problems will be figured out. They have knowledgeable professional staff with good communication skills with whom you can discuss anything. You can trust them to repair your car properly. 

All garages follow a similar process from beginning to end

Once you have agreed the repair work will start on your car. A dedicated person will be assigned to you, whom you can contact any time about the progress of repairs. The accident damage repair in Gurgaon will use OEM products. In most cases they will have the products ready to use else they will request their supplier to provide these at the earliest. For instance, in most cases there are problems with the paint and these service providers will find the exact color for your car. If it’s not available, they will have to wait to start the paint job.   

These service providers want you to come to them when you are in need

These service providers offer warranty on your work, which means that the repair job they have done is perfect and will last long. In case of minor problems, car repair after accident can be done quickly, even in front of you. In other cases, you will have to wait for the time told to you by the mechanics after inspection. Any delays will obviously annoy you and these experts make every effort to make you happy as no business will like to lose any customer. Once fixed, a mechanic may come with you for a test ride, so you can check that your vehicle is perfectly fine now. 

Once you have been part of an accident, you may not have enough time to browse through the net and look for garages. Most car repair services in Gurgaon offer assistance with accidental repairs and you should hire the one that can assist you the quickest.

If you are in need of Accidental Car Repair services, we at MMC Garage are here to help. Just call our consultants at +91-8800538189 and tell them your location and your problems. They will find a suitable garage nearby that will assist you quickly. 

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